HRP-conjugated Anti-EPO antibodies for direct rhEPO detection – proof of concept

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Anti-doping testing for recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO) is routinely performed by gel electrophoresis followed by western blot analysis with primary and secondary antibodies. The two antibody steps add more than 24 hours to the testing time of a purified sample. The aim of this study was to test the concept of using directly horseradish-peroxidase (HRP)-conjugated anti-EPO primary antibody, without the need for a secondary antibody, to reduce the analysis time and eliminate nonspecific cross-reactivity with secondary antibodies. An in-house, periodate coupled (R&D systems, clone AE7A5), and three commercially available anti-human EPO-HRP conjugates from Genetex, Novus Biologicals and Santa Cruz were evaluated for specificity and sensitivity, using recombinant human EPO standards, negative human urine samples and urine samples from an EPO excretion study.
The in-house anti-EPO-HRP conjugate performed as well as the current two step application of unconjugated primary and secondary antibodies used in routine analysis, with comparable specificity and sensitivity. The analysis time was markedly reduced for purified samples from 25 hours with the routine method down to 7 hours with the in-house HRP conjugate. Of the 3 commercially available conjugates tested, only the Santa Cruz anti-EPO-HRP conjugate showed comparable specificity but had lower sensitivity to both the in-house and the antibody combination currently applied routinely.
The other 2 commercially available conjugates (Genetex and Novus Biologicals) did not show any visible bands with the EPO standards. The results clearly demonstrate the potential utility of a directly HRP-conjugated anti-EPO antibody to reduce analysis time for EPO in doping control.

Antibody-biotin-streptavidin-horseradish peroxidase (HRP) sensor for rapid and ultra-sensitive detection of fumonisins

Fumonisins (FBs) exist widely in crops, foods and feeds. Consumption of FBs contaminated corn can cause oesophageal cancer. So it is necessary to develop sensitivity methods for its detection. Here, we report an enhanced assay for rapid and ultra-sensitive detection of FBs based on nanomagnetic beads (NMBs) and antibody-biotin-streptavidin-HRP. Because antibody-BNHS can bind with several number of streptavidin-HRP, the signal amplification of the catalytical oxidation of TMB was enhanced.
The detection limit of sensor was down to 0.21 ng mL-1 with a linear range from 0.31 to 162.42 ng mL-1. Since NMBs provide a nearly “in solution” reaction, they lead to a shortened reaction time (22 min) than that of flat solid-phase based traditional assay. Furthermore, the recoveries obtained by standard FBs spiked to maize samples were from 100.6 to 107.3%. This enhanced assay supplied a rapid, sensitive and reliable method for detection of FBs in maize.

Construction of an HRP-streptavidin bound antigen and its application in an ELISA for porcine circovirus 2 antibodies

A fusion protein SBP-Cap∆41, consisting of Cap∆41 (without 41 amino acids at the N-terminus) protein of porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2) and a streptavidin binding peptide (SBP), was constructed. This fusion protein binds to HRP-labeled streptavidin (HRP-SA) through high affinity between SBP and SA, forming an HRP-streptavidin bound antigen (Hsb-Ag) with both immunoreactivity and enzymatic activity, which can be used in a double-antigen sandwich ELISA for detection of PCV2 antibodies.
Comparison of the characteristics of the HSb-Cap∆41 and chemical conjugates of the recombinant Cap∆41 protein showed that the HSb-Cap∆41 based double-antigen sandwich ELISA (HBDS-ELISA) had higher specificity and sensitivity. Use of the HBDS-ELISA detected PCV2-IgG in 9 injected pigs as early as 10 days p.i., 3 days earlier than both a double-antigen sandwich ELISA (DS-ELISA) based on a chemically conjugated antigen, and a commercial indirect ELISA kit.

Electrochemical immunosensor for interferon-γ based on disposable ITO detector and HRPantibody-conjugated nano gold as signal tag

Tuberculosis is the most frequent cause of infection-related death worldwide. A new disposable electrochemical immunosensor with low cost and simple fabrication was proposed to detect interferon-γ (IFN-γ). Diallyldimethylammonium chloride (PDDA) and Au nanoparticle (AuNP) composite were used to provide an efficient biointerface, horseradish peroxidase (HRP)-labeled antibody-conjugated AuNP (HRP-Ab2-AuNP) bioconjugates were used as a novel signal tag.
The large amounts of HRP on the signal tag can catalyze the oxidation of Hydroquinone (HQ) by H2O2, which can induce an amplified reductive current.

GAPDH Antibody - HRP

T0004-HRP Affbiotech 1ml 920 EUR

beta-Actin Antibody - HRP

T0022-HRP Affbiotech 1ml 920 EUR

ACE2 Antibody (HRP)

3217-HRP-002mg ProSci 0.02 mg 191.42 EUR

ACE2 Antibody (HRP)

3217-HRP-01mg ProSci 0.1 mg 495.22 EUR

Biotin [HRP]

DAG3197-HRP Creative Diagnostics 1mg 429 EUR

Vitamine B9 [HRP]

DAGDT1440-HRP Creative Diagnostics 1mg 1105 EUR

Vitamine B12 [HRP]

DAGT5413-HRP Creative Diagnostics 1mg 975 EUR

HRP-IgG Conjugation Kit

55R-HRP Fitzgerald 1 mg 705 EUR

Anti-Per.C6Ð’ Affinity Purified HRP, Goat

PC118AF-HRP Cygnus Technologies 1 mg 4069 EUR

Goat Anti-Rat IgG1-HRP Conjugate

50121-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 0.5 ml 225 EUR

Goat Anti-Rat IgG2a-HRP Conjugate

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Goat Anti-Rat IgG2b-HRP Conjugate

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Goat Anti-Rat IgG2c-HRP Conjugate

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Monoclonal Anti-Rat IgG1-HRP Conjugate

50126-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 0.5 ml 286 EUR

Rabbit Anti-Bird IgM-HRP Conjugate

90521-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 100 ul 347 EUR

Rabbit Anti-Salmonella IgG-HRP conjugate

SLM11-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 0.5 ml 347 EUR

Sambucus nigra Lectin (SNA)-HRP conjugate

SNA15-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 0.5 ml 286 EUR

Lens culinaris Lectin (LCA)-HRP conjugate

LCA15-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 0.5 ml 286 EUR

Monoclonal Anti-Poly His-HRP conjugate

HISP12-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 100 ul 347 EUR

Concanavalin A Lectin (ConA)-HRP conjugate

CONA15-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 0.5 ml 286 EUR

Aleuria Aurantia Lectin (Aal)-HRP conjugate

AAL15-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 0.5 ml 225 EUR

Goat Anti-Donkey IgG (Fc)-HRP conjugate

80950-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 0.5 ml 225 EUR

Goat Anti-Human Transferrin IgG-HRP conjugate

TF11-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 100 ug 347 EUR

Goat Anti-Mouse Transferrin IgG-HRP conjugate

TF14-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 100 ug 347 EUR

Wheat germ agglutinin Lectin (WGA)-HRP conjugate

WGA15-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 0.5 ml 286 EUR

Chicken Anti-Protein-A IgG-HRP conjugate

PRTA13-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 100 ul 347 EUR

Recombinant (E.Coli) purified Protein G-HRP Conjugate

PRTG15-HRP Alpha Diagnostics 1 ml 225 EUR
The catalytic reduction current was related to the amount of HRP immobilized on the surface, which itself was related to the concentration of IFN-γ. Under optimized conditions, the proposed immunosensor showed a high sensitivity and a linear range of 0.1-10,000pg/mL with a detection limit of 0.048pg/mL. The assay results of clinical serum samples obtained by the immunosensor were in acceptable agreement with the reference values. Therefore, the immunosensor possessed excellent clinical value in early diagnosis and control of tuberculosis.

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